Automatic bag powder packing machine

2017-10-30 11:17



== Product information:
1. This automatic bag powder packing machine adopts the international most advanced microcomputer chip  control, with light magic eye tracking detection, two bags accurate sealing and cutting, can choose to equipped with printer.

2. Applied for various powder such as milk powder,chili powder sesame seed, sterilizing keeping fresh powder materials etc.
3. Features: low cost, wear reisitance and easy to operate.

4. It has an special eye, make sure the accurancy sealing and cutting.

5. If the customer need the date printing system or some other special function, pls inform in advance.

6. One year guarantee and lifelong maintance.


== Technical parameter

Technical parameters and dimensions
Roll film width 400mm
Bag length (mm) 50-2050mm
Bag width (mm) 50-180mm
Calculation range (mi-g) 50-1000mi/g
Packaging speed (package/min) 20-60bags/min
The maximum diameter of coil is max300mm
Packing film thickness (mm) 0.05-0.08mm
Use the power supply specification (mm) 220v 50HZ 2kw
Machine weight (kg) 450kg


== Packing result

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