Automatic paste and liquid small bags packing machine

2017-10-25 15:03


== Product description

1. This bag paste packing machine integrates mechanical and electrical, dual CPU  microcomputer control system. It is controlled by microcomputer photoelectric tracking system, with precise stepper motor. Each packing bags are on exactly the same position design, control system to accomplish the synchronization, for long, position and speed, automatic diagnosis fault function. Customers can choose to equip with ribbon typewriter foreignor domestic fight code device. 

2. Properties:  this process of making bag, filling, counting, filling, sealing, cutting, output finished product and so on a series of actions are done automatically. Stepless speed regulation, control process need not stop.

3. It is suitable for food, daily chemical products and pharmaceutical industries such as tomato sauce, shampoo, face cream, spice paste, liquid, such as automatic sauce quantitative packaging.

4. It is able to add date or batch code printing system according to your specific requirement .
5.This machine is one the best sellers in the mainland.

== Technical parameters

四边封(4side seal)(可选三边封,背封,四边封)
包装速度(Packing speed)24-60 bag/min
制袋长度(Bag length)30-150mm
制袋宽度(Bag width)25-145mm(需更换制袋器,Need to replace the  Former)
计量范围(Filling range)《40ml or  20-100ml
耗电功率(Power Consumption)2.2kw 
气源压力(Air pressure)0.6-0.7MP
包装尺寸(Carton Size)1100*750*1820mm

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== Packing result


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