Gear pump filling machine

2018-09-11 09:46

Semi-automatic filling machine

This filling machine is a customized machine, which can be customized with different flow rates and recommended to customers according to
their products and filling volume. Can be customized multiple such as: 2 heads, 3 heads, 4 heads, 6 heads, 8 first class different multiple installers
this type of liquid filling machine can not contain impurities of liquids, must be filtered before filling.
Technical parameters:
Working power: AC220V
Delay range: 0.01s ~ 999.9s
Counting range: 1 ~ 59999 times
Working mode: power delay data program setting
Display mode: upper row filling time display, middle row intermittent time display, lower row counting display
Flow rate: high flow 5 liters/head/min.
Filling head diameter: 8mm (4mm,6mm,10mm if needed)
Body material: stainless steel

Automatic filling machine

Technical parameters
Applicable specifications: 1-500ml (no granular liquid filling)
Production capacity: 60-100 bottles/min
Filling accuracy: plus or minus 1%
Operating voltage: 220V
Counting range: 1-59999 times
Filling head diameter: 8mm (4mm.6mm.10mm can be customized if needed)
Machine stainless steel
Note the need for air compressor

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