Pressure filling machine

2019-04-13 10:33


Filling range

5-100ml 10---200ml 50---500ml 100---1000ml 500--2500 ml 300---3000ml 1000---5000ml


Pressure filling machine for medium viscosity to high viscosity products filling needs, developed. It solves the trouble of filling high viscosity products and is suitable for paste products with poor fluidity.
At the time of filling, the hopper is in the sealed state and the material is filled through pressure extrusion. The main principle is to pressurize the high viscosity paste liquid in the storage tank and force it to flow,
so as to achieve the purpose of filling. Filling volume is dependent on the reciprocating distance of the piston, just adjust the electromagnetic sensor on the filling machine, you can get the filling volume you need.
The whole machine is composed of two parts: material storage tank and filling machine, with simple structure and convenient operation.Ii. Performance characteristics
1, anti-drip valve design, prevent the occurrence of drip, wire drawing.
2, double pressure regulating valve control, speed convenient; At the same time, the pressure in the storage tank is kept constant to ensure the accurate filling quantity.
3. Quick hoop connection is adopted for convenient disassembly and washing.

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