Bottle washer machine

2019-05-23 15:41


Ys-32 bottle washing machine developed by our company is a newly designed bottle washing machine with external drenching and internal flushing based on the structural principles
of bottle washing machines at home and abroad and according to the actual requirements of current users. Its prominent features are:
1. It is suitable for washing old and new bottles of various models and materials.
2. Spray the outer wall of the bottle, rinse the inner wall twice, and make the bottle clean.
3. Tap water has wide adaptability and low water consumption.
4, simple structure, easy maintenance, use stainless steel water tank, beautiful and generous, corrosion resistance.
5, labor and labor saving, high production efficiency, suitable for small and medium-sized liquid manufacturers.
I. basic parameters
1. Number of bottle heads: 32
2. Working efficiency: 1500-2000 bottles/hour
3. Water consumption: 1m3/ hour
4. Table speed: 1.2 RPM
5. Power ratio: 0.37kw
6. Electric voltage: 380v
7. Total weight: 200kg
Second, the principle of bottle
1. The outer wall of the bottle is sprayed with tap water, and the spray pressure can be adjusted by the spray switch.
2. The bottle inner wall is flushed with the secondary positioning flush valve. Still fixed on the bracket, the body on the body through the nozzle and bottle of drift bottle funnel, strong plate as a whole and rotate at the same time, the body into the hole when connected with drainage holes on the body, and water through the nozzle pressure washing bottle funnel on the bottle, and rinse twice, this machine USES tap water pressure bottle, can also according to customer's demand with low pressure booster pump cycle and bottle.


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