Automatic particle packaging line

2017-11-24 15:20

Automatic granule filling machine production line
This machine is suitable for the quantitative filling of various kinds of granule materials, small chip materials, irregular materials, and the sealing of screw cap. It is widely used in food, seed, medicine, chemical industry and other industries. For example: chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, coffee, tea, seeds, dried fruit, Fried goods, etc
Main features:
With four - bucket electronic weighing technology, the filling speed is fast and the precision is high
Use a tank or bottle container, use a double cylinder to coordinate a number of photoelectric, automatic bottle positioning container, no bottle, no bottle
Automatic cover, screw cap, the whole machine structure layout is reasonable, change the packaging breed, clean sanitation and for convenience
Technical parameters:
Measurement: weighing four bucket electronic scale
Packing weight: 30-2000 g
Accuracy error: + / + (0.2%-0.5%)
Packing speed: 20-60 bags/min
Machine weight: 600kg
Power: AC380V 50-60hz /3.5kw
Unit volume: (L)5000 x (W)1000 x (H)2200mm



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