Three-head granule/powder packaging machine

2018-12-03 14:52
Equipment description:
Adopting the electronic weighing method, the packaging weight can be directly adjusted in the packaging process, without stopping the machine in the adjustment process, effectively improving the working efficiency. Can choose to be equipped with code printer, air charging, exhaust and dust collection and other devices.
Full automatic chain bucket packing machine
Suitable for milk powder, soy, sesame seed, lotus root starch, dye toner, seasoning powder, powder, powder, or to the nail, chrysanthemum, mushroom, pepper, red dates, dried fruits, edible fungus, melon seeds, pins, buttons, candied fruit, fish tank stone, gaskets, dried turnip, coix seed, think you mouth, cashew nuts, CARDS, betel nuts, bean curd, lotus seed, sophora japonica, dried fruit, seen, beef jerky and so on automatic metering packing of particles.
Packaging speed: 25-75bags/min depending on the materials
Bag-making length: 30-150mm (customizable)
Bag-making width: 30-145mm (customizable)
Packaging capacity: 5-1000g (customizable)
Power consumption: 1.2kw
Machine weight: 250kg
Dimensions: 650*850*1800mm
Packing: three-side seal/back seal
Note: the automatic weighing and packing machine can customize different blanking methods according to the required speed and the actual samples of materials, the feeding and packaging can be multiple choices or a variety of materials can be packaged (such as scented tea, mixed materials) and other mixed materials with different proportions. The specific price is subject to the actual requirements.

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