10 to 50 kg powder/granule packing machine

2016-02-19 10:06

Suitable for: chemical fertilizer, paint, flour, powder, rubber powder, food additives, pigment, dyestuff industry, powder quantitative packaging.
1. Using double spiral feeding, measuring accuracy, high packaging speed, stable performance and easy operation.
2. USES the precision control instrument, high-precision sensor, the error can be automatically corrected, the instrument can be equipped with a standard interface.
3. The arch breaker in the bin, in front of the screw conveyor will play loose material, so that the material is not easy to stand for.
4. Bag can choose manual or pneumatic device, when packing can mouth sealing material, there will be no dust overflow.
5. The part contacting materials adopts stainless steel and carbon steel material.(choose) according to the packing material
6. Transmission and can form a complete set of FengBao, sealing device.


Packing specification

10 to 50 kg/bag

Work rate


Packing speed


Heavy volume

500 kg

Packaging accuracy

Plus or minus 0.5%

Packaging form

Open pocket, barrel etc.

The power supply voltage


Overall dimensions




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