Semi automatic dry powder packing machine

2015-11-24 15:34

== Product description:

1. The packaging machine is used for packing pesticides, veterinary drugs, premixes, additives, milk powder, starch,seasonings, enzyme preparations, fodder and other powder-like quantitative packing.

2. Photoelectric switch control, only need manual setting bags.

3. 5-5000g of materials may be on the same quantitative packing machine continuously adjustable,by adjusting the electronic keyboard and different models of blanking screw

4. The material contact parts are made of stainless steel production, easy to clean to prevent cross-contamination.

== Technical parameter:

Model  YSDF-B
Voltage AC380V 900W
Packaging Accuracy ±1%
Packing specification 5g-5000g(adjust the parts inside the machine)
Packing speed 1500-2500 bags/h
Size  1000×850×1850mm
Weight  280 kg

== Packing effect:

== More related packing machines:

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