rice packing machine

2016-07-24 10:55
The development of technology, there have been various models on the market tea sub-installed, are based on different packaging of tea itself, varied, tea industry in the development of sub-metering installed tasting tea packaging are far failed to meet the user needs of the market. Yu Sheng tea sub-installed multi-functional packaging are done, not subject to any device and any material. Today, rice packaging market is divided into two, one is the more common way of packaging, while another is the rice packaged as bricks, Yu Sheng Xiao Bian below to share with you how the tea sub-installed package of rice.
1. Package the normal way. Quality of the rice is to use vacuum sub-installed directly into the tea sub-installed inside job, produce a finished product is what people see in the supermarket inside the vacuum packaging of rice, packing out a certain extent, the product appearance is not enough, the amount of packaging smaller, more usually in bags with small amount is fixed.
2. meter brick Austrian drilling method. This packaging is one of the most popular packaging, before one is very beautiful, packaging simply to do a good job making the mold, after the product packaging bag can do special processing, and industry called three-dimensional bag, simply means that a cube bags, packing out the natural product is the cube. Noteworthy is the specifications of each product are required in response to the mold, not universal.
Is the tea sub-installed package of rice manner described above, as to the choice of equipment, in principle, the tea sub-installed various types of measurement can be carried out rice packaging, specifically how to do, how to choose or to determine the user's packaging capabilities .

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